Rules of an excellent EVP

What is an employee value proposition?

The EVP is a platform for both communication and action. It provides a key reference point for employer brand management to establish the desired brand associations in the mind of the target audience through consistent communication and delivered experience.

First, answer these questions:

  • What makes your organisation special as an employer?
  • Why should people join your company?
  • What can you offer as an organisation to retain your employees engaged?

Once you answer the questions and start building your EVP pillars, check each to validate the following criteria.

Please note that the EVP is not generally designed to be a comprehensive description of everything you offer employees but a more distilled description of the brand’s most defining and differentiating pillars.


Does it ring true? (in terms of the organisation at its best)


Is it distinctive? (in terms of being distinctively strong or differentiating.)

Focus on the future target profile

Would this provide a desirable workplace?

Engaging and Energising

Is it compelling and motivating?

Business alignment

Does it reinforce the qualities/competencies you need from employees to succeed as a business?

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