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About Employer Brand Hub

The global professional network EMPLOYER BRAND HUB was founded by a diverse group of strategists and practitioners to empower HR professionals all around the world. Our team has collectively managed hundreds of employer brands and thousands of projects, boosting the employers’ attractiveness ranking and our clients’ success.

We believe in the innate strength HR & employer brand managers hold. Time and time again# you have seen the incredibly high correlation between the experience employees & candidates have with a company and corporate efficiency. Simply put, happier people mean better business. We are passionate about gathering our scientific and creative expertise for the professionals that is in the eye of this storm: You. Long gone are the times where HR recruited the top talent for other departments… You determine the success of companies; attracting and/or retaining the workforce while ensuring high output. And we are here to equip you with the tools necessary, aiming to turn you into a leader with skills on par with top management.

After our presence of 20+ years in the industry, we have pinpointed a new common goal for all the stakeholders: Ensuring that HR stands the strongest in the post-pandemic era of employee & employer relationships. To achieve this goal, we brought together the best contemporary HR professionals in employer brand, recruitment marketing, marketing communications, talent management, and business consultancy.

Together, we strive to share our know-how, perspectives, experience and expertise to offer you the tools most suitable for your needs:

  • Joining Groups enables you to network with other employer brand professionals to discuss & exchange new ideas, and trends, collaborate and contribute your know-how.
  • Attending Events presents the opportunity to learn from and interact with the most renowned global employer brand strategists & practitioners.
  • Receiving Training from our network of brand professionals unlocks new personal abilities & perspectives while levelling up your professionalism with the certificate programs.
  • Following our Resources and Activity helps you keep up-to-date with the latest trends and tutorials on how to make your company the most attractive for people, presenting the tools to turn you into a visible star in our industry.

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